World News Challenge

Here’s the multiple choice question that won Daniel a $10,000 Intrepid Travel voucher:

To promote peace between rival ethnic groups, the war-ravaged Bosnian city of Mostar erected a statue of whom?

a) Kofi Annan

b) Maradona

c) Mahatma Gandhi

d) Bruce Lee

Answer: d)

The World News Australia team thanks everyone for their efforts.


The competition received in excess of 1600 entries and the standard was extremely high, making judging very tough.


In fact the entries were so good, we decided to include some here, even the ones that made the judges laugh. Feel free to leave your comment you may wish to wrangle over the answers or simply ask an entrant how they came up with such a question? You can even submit your own question if you like.

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1. Graca Machel, current wife of Nelson Mandela, is the only woman to have been married to two serving presidents, making her a First Lady twice over. Of which country was she First Lady before marrying Mandela?

a) Zimbabwe

b) Botswana

c) Angola

d) Mozambique

Submitted by: Susana Jose

2. Which of the following countries has the most time zones?

a) Russia

b) Australia

c) China

d) Canada

Submitted by: Geraldine Massey

3. Most countries’ international sports teams play wearing the colours of their flag. Why do Australians use green and gold?

a) There are too many teams using red, white and blue

b) Green and gold is based on the wattle and gum

c) Australia’s ‘sporting flag’ is green and gold

d) Remind the Poms of our sun and reflect their envy

Submitted by: Lindsay Connell

4. Is every person’s tongue print different?

a) All girls are the same, all boys are different

b) It is unique like our fingerprint

c) Family members all have the same tongue print

d) What? We have prints on our tongues?

Submitted by: Caroline Nicholls

5. If an intrepid traveller left Australia with luggage tags showing “SBS” as their destination airport, what item would they mostly likely have in their suitcase?

a) A packet of Imodium

b) A pair of ski goggles

c) A little black dress

d) A pair of deck shoes

Submitted by: Adam Palmer

6. At the peak of Yugoslavian hyperinflation in 1993, what was the last dinar note issued?

a) 100,000

b) 100,000,000

c) 100,000,000,000

d) 500,000,000,000

Submitted by: Vladimir Vidakovic

7. Winston Field, Ian Smith, missing person, Robert Mugabe. Who is the missing person?

a) Dr. Banana

b) Rev Sithole

c) Bishop Muzorewa

d) Nelson Mandela

Submitted by: Rodney Lucraft

8. What does the number 2 in the mountain K2 (or Mt Austin Godwin) stand for?

a) The second highest terrestrial mountain

b) The second mountain in its range to be surveyed

c) After the local name kae-too meaning ‘holy place’

d) After Austin Godwin’s second child

Submitted by: Mick Seery

9. In which of the following countries is capital punishment illegal?

a) Japan

b) South Korea

c) Vietnam

d) Cambodia

Submitted by: Heather Marano

10. Which country has the highest concentration of Broadband users?

a) Iceland

b) China

c) USA

d) Sweden

Submitted by: Greg Harper

11. Which famous world icon (and Intrepid destination) was originally proposed as the title of a later Beatles album, an icon of music itself?

a) Everest

b) Great Wall (of China)

c) Pyramids

d) Amazon

Submitted by: Scott Watson

12. What is Buzkashi?

a) Mongolian yak wrestling

b) Afghan goat grabbing

c) Lapland horse sled racing

d) Tibetan monk throwing

Submitted by: Ben Holland


And, while SBS can’t vouch for the answers, here are some entries that simply made the judges laugh:

13. When photographing Egypt’s Sphinx from the rear, which fast food outlet appears in the background?


b)Hungry Jacks

c) KFC

d) Burger King

Submitted by: Sean Woodland

14. A naturally-formed stalagmite in Kashmir, worshipped for over 200 years as the incarnation of Lord Shiva, Hindu god of destruction, recently melted. Why?

a)Global warming

b) Underground seismic activity

c) Body heat from the crowd of worshippers

d) Fire

Submitted by: Geraldine Massey

15. Leszek Wojcik, a bus driver in the northwest Polish city of Slupsk, was recently fired for sending text messages on his company mobile. How many did he make?

a) 32,450

b) 38,000

c) 37,500

d) 39,000

Submitted by: Linda Quinn

16. My favourite SBS Monday program has been rescheduled to two days after the day before the day after tomorrow. It is now on…

a) Tuesday

b) Friday

c) Thursday

d) Wednesday

Submitted by: Sue Collins

17. Which founder of a now-famous and popular alcoholic beverage died of blood poisoning, caused by kicking a safe in anger?

a) Martin Wilkes Heron

b) John Walker

c) Jack Daniel

d) John Jameson

Submitted by: Graham Craig

18. In the Christmas song Jingle Bells, how many horses were pulling the sleigh? (five second limit to answer):

a) None

b) One

c) Two

d) Three

Submitted by: Bill Adams

19. Why did America declare war on Iraq?

a) Oil

b) Oil

c) Oil

d) Oil

Submitted by: Gillian Eborn

20. What do women actually want in a relationship?

a) Love

b) Security

c) Sex

d) Children

Submitted by: Ruby Elgendy

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Answers: 1d 2a 3b 4b 5b 6d 7c 8b 9d 10b 11a 12b 13c 14c 15b 16c 17c 18b 19a 20b