Tracey Callegari: Hey which way you mob

If your more inclined to be a bookworm or into performance or theatre, than you may be lucky to meet people such as Alexis Wright; Richard Franklin; Ivan Sen; Deborah Mailman; Luke Carroll; Aaron Fa’aoso or Elma Kris.


One just never knows who will attend this fun filled night of celebrations. The options are endless. So don’t miss out.

Other nominees for this years Deadly’s include the talented Lou Bennett for a sell-out Melbourne season for her one-woman show, Show us Your Tiddas; singer/songwriter Shauntaii Batzke; Tammy Clarkson for her first television role playing Bella Noble, in the SBS series The Circuit; Chad Reed, Australian Supercross Championship; Alexis Wright, novelist, essayist, researcher and social commentator as well as many other deserving nominees.

Don’t forget, that if you want your favourite person to win in a particular category, then go to Vibe’s website to vote. You have got until the 14th September 2007 to vote, so get your votes in now.

Also, get back to me and let me know who YOU think should win, in your favourite category.

Well folks, that’s about it from me, time to dive back into the labyrinth of tape and DVDs.

Oh, very important! If you don’t have a ticket as yet, get one now. They are on sale now at the Sydney Opera House and selling fast.

All the Living Black crew already have their tickets and are sure to be there having a good time, so if you see any of us don’t be shy, please come up and say hello.

If you see a camera crew and woman cruising around on the red carpet speaking to people, that will be me. So come on up and say hi and let me know how you’re feeling about the evening.

Hope to see you there looking Black, Proud, Deadly and dressed to impress.